Emu Extendable Plus4 Steel Patio Dining Table Black ** MUST BE PICKED UP, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED **


Size: 36" W X 63" to 106" L
Sale price$ 2,150.00
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Chairs sold seperatly. 

Plus4 collection is made up of extendible tables: one with sizes 160+110x 90 cm and another one with sizes 220+110×90 cm.  The surface is made of press-formed steel, with careful work to the finishes for a better aesthetic effect. Used to allow extensibility of the surface, the rails are specifically designed by EMU for this line. The butterfly opening mechanism of the inner extension makes it easier to open these tables. Comparing to a traditional extendible table, the 110 cm extension allows adding 4 seats instead of 2, increasing the possibility of use for this product. Furthermore, the extension of the table is designed in a way that all the seats fit easily without any impediment. There are two designs available for the legs: round and conical.

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