Mi Bidet Handheld Bidet Shattafa


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  • One-stop shopping service, include: bidet shower head, T-valve adapter, hose , hook holder and hook etc.
  • Universal and Standard & Compatible dimension. The T-adapter and bidet sprayer are both made by strong brass with beautiful chrome finish, for smooth and reliable operation, they are much better than ABS or stainless steel material! The shut-off valve gives ability to turn off or reduce/adjust the water pressure coming into the bidet.
  • Multipurpose for rear cleaning, dog shower, specially good deal for households with children, cloth diaper cleaning, feminine hygiene, urinary tract infection cleaning and prevention, pregnancy and postpartum cleaning, cleaning potty seat bowl, and many more
  • Easy to install and simple to use, convenient for any bathroom. Comes with DIY accessories. Complete set for 10 Min Installation easily and quickly!

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