BBQ Barbecue Basket Net Chicken / Fish / Meat


Size: 15" x 12" Rectangle
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BBQ Barbecue Basket net Grill Grilled Fish net Comb Dish Chicken Grilled net Wooden Handle Square,Silver

  • Large size baking area to accommodate 3-5 people, no need to use skewer grill, you can also grill the best food and enjoy barbecue food taste. It can also have multiple gas grills, charcoal fires, or other types of use.
  • Exclusively designed detachable handles and collapsible roasting basket including for easy storage and transportation.
  • When it is locked to facilitate the flipping of the grilled food, the food of the locked door lock on the grid is replaced and will not be loose.
  • The difference in double mesh is full size to ensure uniform heat distribution while preventing the drop of small pieces of food through the mesh.
  • The highest quality equipment made of chrome-plated steel and nickel sustainable professional non-stick coating ensures easy release and cleansing of food. The long-lasting heat-resistant wooden handle provides a comfortable grip that will guarantee your safety by the heat generated by the grill.
  • 5" Wood Handle

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