Back Scrubber For Shower with Natural Loofah


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  • NATURAL MATERIAL -- Loofahs are made from fibrous material found in gourd-like tropical fruits. The spongy texture is perfect for exfoliating dry skin to keep it smooth and sleek. Loofah soften when wet and harden up again when they dry.
  • MAKES YOUR BACK SOFT AND SMOOTH -- One side offers a textured surface made of 100% Natural Organic Loofah plant. The other side is soft, smooth microfiber terrycloth surface for delicate skins. This loofah for back keeps you clean and tidy.
  • EASY USE -- Loofahs are usually the color of pale straw, with a slightly herbaceous scent. The texture of a loofah is rough when dry, but once you add hot water it becomes soft and supple.
  • IMPROVING CIRCULATION -- Loofah works as a good blood circulator. Scrubbing your outer skin surface with loofah back scrubber to increase blood flow. In some cases, body scrubber helps you stabilize blood flow. Regular usage of this loofah sponge helps your blood circulation.
  • BACK SCRUBBER EXFOLIATING -- Bathing with body loofah is a good habit. This bath sponge is perfect for men and women.

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