It has never been easier purchasing a bidet and installing your own bidet. With a non electronic bidet attachment, it has become extremely easy turning your toilet into a lever controlled bidet. No longer do you need space for your bidet or a plumber to come and install it. It is easy to do yourself and with no tools necessary. Also the attachment is barely noticeable as it fits nicely in between the seat and the rim of the toilet. 
You might be wondering how can you install a bidet on your toilet if you have no plumbing experience or no tools. Well look no further, it is easier than you think. Following these steps will make it easy to install your own personal bidet on your toilet and you can even say that you did it yourself. Most Bidet attachments comes with everything you need in the package. They usually include the bidet itself, a t adapter to connect the house to the pipe, the hose. It might also come with a filter but it is not necessary to use those.
Here are the steps for installing your bidet attachment
1.Turn off water tap and flush tank to empty any remaining water. 
2.Remove toilet seat. 
3.Position The bidet on the toilet rim and match the holes of the Bide with the holes of the toilet seat
4.Attach seat back on top of the bidet attachment and fasten with toilet seat screws.
8.Connect the bidet hose to the T-adapter. 
9.Connect the other end of bidet hose to the bidet inlet. 
10.Turn water back on. 
11. You are now ready to use your bidet.
After following these steps you are now ready to use your bidet toilet seat attachment. The whole installation should take no longer then 30 minutes and should require no tools. All the tightening is done with your hands. It has never been easier to install your own personal bidet in your bathroom.
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