Nardi Doga Indoor Outdoor Patio Chair - Made in Italy

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Style: Doga Relax (Deep Low Seating)
Color: Anthracite (Black Charcoal)
Matching Side Table: No
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Doga Relax is a relaxing and large armchair for outdoor use made of fiberglass resin characterized by an open design, a play of solids and voids marked by a sequence of horizontal slats.‎ Stackable, easily sanitized and recyclable.‎
Doga Relax belongs to the extensive Doga outdoor furniture collection, featuring an interplay of open and closed spaces punctuated by a sequence of horizontal slats.‎ It includes chairs with and without armrests, a lounge chair and a monobloc low table made of fiberglass resin.‎
The colours presented are different and new: eternally sophisticated bianco, antracite and tabacco for more industrial and urban settings; warm shades of cappuccino for blending in with historical contexts, and marsala for those who want a touch of original eccentricity.‎ Ever-present green shades such as menta, pera and agave are available for more natural environments.‎

Doga is an outdoor furniture collection consisting of chairs with and without armrests, a lounge chair and a monobloc low table made of fiberglass resin, all inspired by a slatted design, given a contemporary twist.‎

Doga Relax:
W.70 x L.75.5 x H.76 cm
Seat Height: 41.5 cm
Weight: 6 Kg

Doga Arm Standard:
W.60 x L.56.5 x H.83.5 cm
Seat Height: 46.5 cm
Weight: 4.8 Kg
Doga Bistro
W.53 x L.55 x H.82.5 cm
Seat Height: 47.5 cm
Weight: 4 Kg
Doga Table:
Height 40 cm
Diameter 50 cm

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